Paciugo Packs

Take the gelato love with you. Paciugo Packs are available at our cafes in your choice of three, four or five flavor combinations. Plan ahead or swing by last minute. Bring home dessert for your candlelight dinner or your family reunion. It’s how Italians do take-out.

Paciugo Party

Have you ever wondered what makes a party truly unforgettable? In our humble opinion it’s frozen, smooth, made-to-order and undeniably delicious Paciugo Gelato. Paciugo has your next party or event covered. Choose from any of our 400 flavors. Come by the Gelateria for pick up or have it delivered and served by one of our catering specialists.

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Paciugo Gift Card

There is only one small problem with giving gelato as a gift. It melts. Avoid the cleanup with Paciugo Gift Cards. Available in any amount from any Paciugo.