You don’t have to travel all the way to the Old World to discover world-class caffè. Whether you’re searching for a perfectly balanced cup of brewed coffee for home, a rich espresso at one of our cafes or a naturally decaffeinated blend for after dinner, Ugo has you covered. Remember, his name is Ugo and he wants you to drink the best caffè in the world.

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Paciugo Miscela - Vienna Roast

  • Notes of berry, spice and chocolate
  • Africa, Arabia, Indonesia Origins
  • Ethically grown, Fairly-traded, choice Arabica beans
  • Decaf roast available

This rich, luxurious coffee has a unique flavor profile of berry, spice and chocolate.

Paciugo Miscela is the embodiment of the world's first coffee blend. A harmony of rare and exotic beans from Yemen, Ethiopia and the Sumatra regions result in a pleasant and sweet blend of perfection. With its ageless recipe Paciugo Miscela remains not only the first, but our finest signature coffee.

Paciugo Espresso - Dark Roast

  • Hearty blend with notes of chocolate and spice
  • Pacific Rim and Latin American Origins
  • Ethically grown, Fairly-traded, choice Arabica beans
  • Decaf roast available

This creamy, hearty coffee has a unique flavor profile of exotic chocolate and spice.

Paciugo Espresso is a balanced blend of Pacific Rim and Latin American beans roasted to the perfect degree of darkness. This hearty, spicy chocolate blend is a rich coffee without any creosotic (burnt) taste. The base is further blended with coffees from the Sumatra region, hich contribute a herbal earthiness and smokiness to the flavor. The result is a bold yet pleasant harmony of Indonesian spice and Latin American chocolate.

Kenya Gran Crú - Light Roast

  • Notes of vibrant blackberry and plush red wine
  • Single Origin
  • East Africa / Arabia Region
  • Ethically grown, Fairly-traded, choice Arabica beans
  • Cultivars: SL28, a Bourbon hybrid

This full-bodied, single-origin coffee has a unique flavor profile of vibrant blackberry mixed with plush red wine.

Kenya Gran Crú is lightly roasted to preserve its exotic fruit flavors. The beans originate from one of the world's finest growing regions, the lush lands surrounding Mount Kenya. In this area coffee beans are grown on small, half-acre farms by local producers who pool their resources to collectively process beans in sophisticated wet mills. These farmers send their tiny parcels of coffee to Nairobi to be sorted and sold during weekly auctions. Choice beans purchased at these auctions are used in our Kenya Grand Crú.

Organic Mexican Zaragoza – Light Roast

  • Crisp, clean with notes of citrus and cocoa
  • Americas
  • Shade Grown Organic
  • Ethically grown and Fairly traded, choice Arabica beans

This early morning coffee has smooth finish and hints of cocoa, bing cherry and fresh citrus.

The 21st of September cooperative is located in the mountainous southern state of Oaxaca. Our beans come from the village of Zaragoza which is the largest of 23 different Mixteca communities belonging to the co-op. The coffee here is grown under a canopy of shade intermixed with fruit trees and staple crops like corn, bananas, and beans.

Sumatra Blue Batak – Light Roast

  • Full bodied, flavorful coffee
  • Indonesia
  • Rainforest Alliance Certified
  • Ethically grown and Fairly traded, choice Arabica beans

This coffee with undertones of mushroom, eucalyptus and sage, and a hint of grapefruit pairs nicely with rich, sophisticated flavors.

Blue Batak derives its name from the indigenous Batak people who grow coffee south of a massive and ancient crater called Lake Toba in northern Sumatra. Our special preparation Blue Batak beans come from Rainforest Alliance certified farms surrounding four communities.